Application Terms & Conditions



All grants to be dependent on current Ockash Trust (“Trust”) funds. Should funds be lower than £750, grants may be lowered pro rata.

Grant Procedure
  1. Applications to be read by all Committee members sent on email following receipt of application. Should there be an urgent need following an application, where time is of the essence, an extraordinary meeting can be called at any time.
  2. Application forms would need to be complete, with appropriate nonrelative referees, incomplete applications would be returned for completion.
  3. Each application would be discussed by Committee members.
  4. All Committee members must agree with awarding grant.
  5. If there is disagreement with a grant award then the application will be discussed at the next Committee meeting and put to the vote with a majority award if necessary.
Criteria for acceptance of application
  1. Individuals or groups to live within the Parish boundaries of Ockbrook and Borrowash.
  2. The maximum age limit of those benefiting is 18.
  3. Any monies should directly benefit individual children or children’s groups.
  4. The Trust reserves the right of common sense to decide whether or not something requested is an appropriate use of monies.
  5. Trust funding would not normally be granted for school/individual children’s visits, unless the aim was at least in part to benefit others.
  6. All requests would be dependent on a face-to-face informal discussion between the applicant and more than one Trustee if appropriate.
  7. Following this informal discussion, the findings would be discussed at the next Trust meeting. A decision would be taken and the applicant, successful or not, would be informed asap.
  8. Grants would be paid, if applicable soon afterwards.
  9. Applications generally take up to a maximum of 12 weeks to process.
  10. There would be an expectation that if appropriate, applicants would be trying to fund raise by themselves.