About Us

The Trust
What’s it all about?
The purpose of the Trust is to provide and manage a fund for the benefit of young people in the Parish of Ockbrook & Borrowash.
What does that really mean?
The Trust’s main objective will be to give opportunities to our local youngsters in the form of scholarships, financial help with a project, specialist care or some other form of aid.
How will it be financed?
The Trust fund was started with the money left over from the Ockash Festival 2000 fund and will raise additional funds through various activities each year. Awards will be made each year.
Who will manage it?
The Trust’s fund will be managed by registered Trustees and supported by a committee which has many of the Ockash Festival team in it.
Why do it?
The Trust will provide an ongoing charitable focus in our parish and enable all of us to contribute towards the realization of a young person’s dream which otherwise may have passed them by.
Want to know more?
Contact on the contact page on this website or by e-mail Info@Ockash.org.uk