Welcome to The Ockash Trust.

The Ockash Trust is a registered charity and was started with money left over from the Ockash Festival 2000, organised to celebrate the new millennium. Over 7,500 people enjoyed the weekend of events over the weekend of 10th/11th June 2000.

The purpose of the Trust is to manage a fund for the benefit of children and young people in the Parish. The Ockash Trust is managed by a dedicated team of local volunteers who work hard throughout the year to raise funds for the Trust.

The Ockash Trust runs high quality events, so they are enjoyable and of benefit to our community.

The Trust fund provides an ongoing charitable focus for the Parish.

We hope you find our web site interesting and informative.

Whilst the COVID-19 issue is still active at the moment we are still accepting applications for grants and rewards for young people within our community.

The Ockash Trust has awarded over £20,000 to benefit children and young people in the parish